Sunday, January 15, 2012

I know that Bigg/Big Dumper will live on in the hearts of some but...

I am now going by the name Drut PD

Show Announcements
- Jan 21 2012 @ New College of Florida w/Andy, Aaron, Joohyun

- Feb 03 2012 @ New College of Florida w/...hold please
     ?Feb 04 2012 @ 529 Atlanta?

- Feb 11 2012 @ Churchills Back Porch Weirds Freestyle INC show N.O.W. @ I.N.C.

...still missing a keyboard of mine though, repairs hopefully going quickly...

Some split something, tape/record? with Tumbleweave. 2 tracks recorded ready to go.
As in, half my thing half tumbleweave, however ben has been weening me out of TW more and more maybe i should just leave that sucker on his own

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