Sunday, March 25, 2012

wow, spring break '12, NYC.
all the way from sarasota for you big city beings, you're gonna love it I swear
FB event:

So, I have some tracks recorded for a release, and a promo vid teaser

More shows in Sarasota too, in collaboration with Roofless Records
April 20
Container (Nashville)
Vico (Tampa)
Rorge (Sarasota)
Drut PD (Sarasota)
Joust (Sarasota)

April 26
Scraping Teeth (Miami)
Holly Hunt (Miami)
Skunk Ape (Sarasota)
Jimmy Sanchez & His Crystal Balls (Orlando)

I am putting these shows on at New College, 4 Winds Cafe

Hope to see you there!