Saturday, September 27, 2014

Come visit me (and ben and char and xela) at the book fair, at MOMA PS1!
such an honor...

Friday, September 5, 2014

My New multi member band Macula Dog played
 last nightat palisades, it was a great time
Don't worry Drut fans, I am commuted to the dog
but also committed to Drut.

And listen up everyone....
A new magazine with my work is coming out soon...
Just like the multi member band, this magazine was made
with multi members and collaborations
It's called square dance at palms promenade and a lot of
The people in spiders pee paw are also in this magazine,
it was fun to work with them again.
It's nice they keep asking me to be a part.
building a community is important even on a book.
A brooklyn book store called desert island is
putting it out, thank you DI
Sincerely, Mark

Drut Pd has a new song out on a compilation from
HAORD Records
the whole thing is really nicely put together...
download the whole compilation for 0 bucks,
or buy it from bandcamp --> but preferably send
9.50 to haordrecords [at] gmail [dot] com on
paypal for your cassette copy......
just take a minute and breathe and relax,
I know it's very easy to get too caught up
in all the action sometimes. I'm not saying
'stay focused' because sometimes the
point is to observe ALL that goes on
around you, not just a stupid little
world oyou build for yourself.
remember sometimes...

while im being a post hog,
here's my pages from pee paw 2.

CHATTERS, seen in Ruff Haus 2

they look a little like my brothers