Monday, April 25, 2011

Video Arrived!

Welcome to my new video post!
here it as, as promised....
crowd reaction video from my first show
and what a reaction it was, you can see everyone chatting at the end
i had to run out right at the end so i left the camera running

here i play one song and one improv mashed into one
the song isn't completely finished but enough to play with so here i am playing with it
also the improv went okay, better than i thought it was when i did it live
so i was excited about that

i want to thank all my friends who came out to the show, i appreciate it

im gonna keep playing and do more and more i had  a great response

Sunday, April 24, 2011

first performance

this past thursday (April 21, 2011),
at new college of florida,
in sarasota fl,
marked my first show

and my new unofficial name until I get a good one: Bigg Dumper

it went really well, i recorded the whole thing as soon as my computer works through the file ill upload it, it should be good and give a tity taste of my new sound. I'll post some old sounds on here later

I opened up for some cool miami dudes on a small florida tour,

you can download his album for free


This Heart Electric

Saturday, April 23, 2011


this is my new site keep checking for updates on my new name yet. I'll let you know...
i'll post videos interviews everything fun

also i'll post some of my artwork to keep you interested, here's post #1:

some clay work i did in high school let it burn and glaze, they are legs circa 200?